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Whisky + Kombucha = Health + Fun!

Is Kombooz the future?

Just imagine if you could drink healthy and take booze at the same time? Nothing could be better! To bring us this paradise, Kombooz- a mother-daughter homegrown Kombucha brand offers us a wide variety of flavored Kombuchas! For those who are reading and are not quite aware of what Kombucha is, it is a probiotic drink made from fermented tea that helps in calming the gut and is extremely great for your overall health too.

As all mothers have the knack of wanting to make everything we get outside at home, Monika Chadha too thought similarly, but obviously this time, the pandemic was on the charts, making outside food off-charts, pun intended. We all face the frustration when mothers claim to make junk food at home, only this time Kombucha isn’t junk; rather it is healthier even than the store-bought due to lack of emulsifiers and preservatives.

This fresh fruit blend Kombucha brand is completely adorable with their high perspectives “Being healthy has always been our number one priority and I’m sure for many others out here as well. Given these pressing times, the focus towards one’s physical and mental has shifted drastically than it had before.” And quite frankly, I would agree too!

Not just this, “With over 12 flavours to choose from depending on the consumer’s taste buds, we are one of the first Kombucha brands to offer such a vast variety of flavours to suit each consumer’s go-to taste.” I am glad to say that because of Kombooz, I am a Kombucha person. I had my doubts regarding it truth be told, but here on out, I think this is completely off the charts. Mixed berries Kombucha was more than a refreshing blissful tonic, and it is safe to say that I WANT MORE! (P.S. I heard mango is Monika’s favourite, and the mixed-berries is mine!)

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