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Bonjour Belle!

A peek into the world of small biz

Based out of India's diamond city - Surat, Belle Jewels is just another small business that sells handcrafted, custom jewelry. The word 'Belle' originated from the French language, means "beauty" and the small biz surely lives up to its name. Not only are the products extremely appealing, but they are also pocket-friendly.

"Some buyers have trust issues when it comes to buying products off Instagram. However, I try my best to comfort them", explains the founder, Anshika Aggarwal (19, Gujarat). She ensures that her products are not only reasonable prices but also handled with care. Further, she added "This brand means a lot to me and I just want to spread the love of jewelry to everyone", Anshika has always been very passionate about jewelry. However, when realized that usually, jewelry is too overpriced, YouTube became an inspiration for her to open her own jewelry store.

So if you are wondering what's in store for you, let me introduce you to some captivating products! Belle Jewels offers some really creative products, from thick choker chains (my personal favorite!) to butterfly pendants, to earrings and custom name chains, and finally to custom phone covers. Sweet, right? Well, as impressive as it sounds, managing a business is not quite easy!

When asked who all have helped her in this journey, Anshika replied, "I have all my family members supporting me throughout, as well as my friends." Managing a business alongside her college, Anshika had a pretty rough time managing her enterprise at first, many people thought she might even get bored of it. But, defying all odds, she expanded her business, penetrating new markets across the country. Couldn't have been a cakewalk, yet, by managing her time well, she was able to work on both simultaneously and overcome her challenges. To think of how far a college student has come must be exciting, right? Well, the homegrown venture also has some new products coming up! So be ready and stay tuned (SPOILER ALERT!) for some enchanting rings, gift hampers, and quirky stationeries!

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