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Gen Z's New Obsession: Crochet!

As Pinterest-y as it gets!

From bucket hats to baguette bags, bustier tops to baby tees, cropped tanks to wide-legged pants, and finally: chokers to crochet accessories. Crochet accessories. Yes, we said it. Gen Z's new Y2K obsession is all over Pinterest and Instagram. And we're here to give you a window into a very hep small biz: The Crochet Girl.

The Crochet Girl is a brand that sells Pinterest-inspired custom crochet pieces. All the products are handmade and exclusive. The small biz has plenty of magnetic accessories which will most definitely attract you if you're into the Y2K aesthetic revival. From accessories, bucket hats, trendy crop tops, keychains to shoulder bags, and even macrame wall hangings; all of these pieces are also sold pan-India. All of these items are carefully hand-crafted and shipped.

Sania Noor, the owner of The Crochet Girl, started with her small business in the 7th grade. From a very young age, the self-taught crocheter wondered why only mothers/ grandmothers are spotted crafting crochet pieces. "I wanted to make trendy pieces which would represent us, teens," she said. As impressive as this sounds, she even sends a little sum of the profits for charity. (Sweet! Right?) Well, just like other owners of small biz, it was utterly tedious for Sania to manage her career as well as her social life. Upon conversation with her, she said "I enjoy making each and every piece, not gonna lie it's very much time consuming but at the end of the day it is all worth it." She has also been able to withstand the challenges and find her own small biz friends. Both, her friends and family have supported her throughout her journey. HOLD UP! it isn't over yet. This artistic brand has some even more mesmerizing pieces coming up! Stay tuned for some fascinating color block crop tops and, matching bralette tops and midi skirts.

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I loved the piece, it’s perfect.

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