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Tying the knot with the dye!

Want to become the bazigar of apparel? We got your back!

Dear readers, isn’t it amazing how a simple bleach can create such unique and beautiful outcomes? Many people bleach and dye their hair into different colours, and it is not specific to a particular gender! Boys get their hair bleached just as much as girls, and yet, that’s not where the wonders of bleach and dye end! Tie-dye has cropped up in recent times again from the debris of “art-that-‘dyed’-but-shall-be-revived-in-the-future”.

Fulbazi is such a brand powered by Tanya and Tina Batra “after months of research to provide the most sustainable fashion products to their customers with amazing prints and designs keeping in mind that there is no age bar for our customers.” Fulbazi is also focused to be an e-commerce platform where they focus to be the one-shop-stop for customers. This only intrigues us to know, why and how did they come up with the name, to which they stated “We had to focus as a one stop online store, the name had to be game-changer among the players in India. Keeping this mind, Fulbazi i.e Full Bazigar (a game-changer in the world) our name got introduced" (Baazigar O Baazigar plays in the background).

As a personal receiver of their products, it is safe to say that they indeed value product quality and believe in the “happy customer” ideology. Their Tie-dye collection is to dye for (pun intended). Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed! On questioning the brand’s future plans, they disclosed “we are planning to increase our ranges into various consumer products. We want to focus on making our customers happy and satisfied every time they place an order with us. We aspire to be an A-Z shopping platform”. If this isn’t reassuring, then I don’t know what is. So head out, experiment, and order their would-be famous apparel because there is less room for disappointments in today's world, and this, is not it!

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