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The Fairy Godmother of Oven-land

...baking the world a better place

There is genuinely something very therapeutic about baking. It may not be a be-all-end-all cure for these times, but it is for sure a blessing! We all have our reasons to love a good chocolate cake, but with every cake comes a great story. A story that adds meaning to it all.

Zana patisserie is just another home-based bakery telling us a story! We have all had childhood dreams we wanted to fulfill. From being an astronaut to being a famous musician, most of us tend to outgrow these ideas unlike Deeksha Dhingra, the owner of Zana. Deeksha knew from a very young age she wanted to be a baker and here she is, touching new heights every day. "Zână" is Romanian for fairy-godmother and this small biz stands true to its name. Upon conversation with Deeksha about her journey, she said "My journey has been crazy been through many ups and downs but I’m loving every bit of it. Initially, it took time for me to get people to taste my products but *touch-wood* it’s going well for now".

If there's one thing the coronavirus has taught us, it's the importance of family. Zana stands by family spirit. "My parents have helped me with everything from letting me skip college to follow my dreams to build up Zana, all credit goes to them". For everyone who has a sweet tooth, Zana has got it all covered for you. They serve everything from cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes to cake jars. The list is never-ending, they just launched assorted eclairs and are soon launching choux buns. So, Delhiites it's your lucky time, go grab yourself some delights @zanapatisserie.

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