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Misara: The Gift of God

...for your skin

Natural beauty was already quite dynamic pre-pandemic but has further escalated during the coronavirus. As for me, after eighteen years of flawless skin, my skin started breaking out disturbingly during the lockdown. There's a long list to blame, starting from my messed-up routine and diet but I guess there's only so much we can blame. I've tried every drugstore item recommend by dermatologists and brands that make you go broke but who knew everything I needed was right in front of me, quite literally, the kitchen!

Milie Rathod (25, Mumbai), the owner of Misara, a one-stop destination for all skincare lovers, talks about how from a very young age she has found comfort in kitchen remedies, whether it was from almond peels or leftover smoothies. All her problems were solved in the kitchen, often her smoothie would be found on her face.

Misara is an upcoming healthy, bankable, and organic skincare brand. The products are natural and eco-friendly with no added fragrance. Yes, you got that right! No fragrance! Upon conversation with Milie on GenZ adopting natural ways of lifestyle, she mentioned "our generation is the most complicated yet creative generation of all time. GenZ is more conscious about nature, they understand the value of the products rather than just the brand. When asked about her journey she added "my journey so far has been amazing, maybe not sales-wise but I am receiving a lot of recognition for me and my brand. My father has always stood by me. he has been a true businessman at heart and has passed on those values and learnings to me."

While there are so many brands out there that claim to be 100% organic, yet they hide their ingredient list, Misara stands out by displaying all their ingredients. "Every ingredient is handpicked to make sure that you receive the quality that your skin deserves and so that we can play a small role in being your skin doctor", the founder said.

I wouldn't have believed that but Misara was kind enough to send me their, Ageless Avacado moisturizer and oh my, I stand by every word she said. Now, Misara has a wide range of products from moisturizers, lip balms, face masks, and even hair oils! They're soon launching a bridal collection too. I would definitely recommend this hidden gem amongst a swarm of allegedly organic brands on Instagram.

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