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Back to the Future of Crochets!

When everything seems to have revived, it's now time for crochet and art!

So, many things have made a comeback from the past and it is quite exhilarating! Be it the bucket hats, the broad wing glasses, or the tiffany gloves, everything is accepted by the fashionistas and definitely, the art of crochet is now included! Crochet, the word and its essence are derived from the Old French, crochet in turn from the Germanic croc, both insinuating the meaning of a ‘hook’. So basically, it is ‘hook art’. Traditionally, it was used for lace-making in the 17th century, but we needn’t go back to the past quite literally.

Made by Sana is an upcoming brand that does the time travel for us! Sana Saeed states “I learnt some basic crochet stitches in March 2021 because I wanted to break the notion of crochet being considered as a ‘granny hobby’ or something Gen Z finds primitive and uncool.” It is indeed something that I myself believe in. Because let’s be honest, many times we come across people who seem to want a ‘vintage’ item, but look down upon someone who has an interest in making them.

Sana added “People have this preconceived notion that knitting and crochet can only come in handy if someone wants to make cardigans or bulky sweaters which is so untrue. At Made by Sana, I make crochet products that are not common using 100% cotton yarn which people can adorn and use in every weather.” The brand’s best items are literally to die for! And here’s a little secret: (I know which ones!) and they are: the daisy mask chain and the Crochet Scrunchies which also come in various colors! This is not all, as the brand is on its journey to even launch new products too like Airpod cases, crochet hairpins, coasters and even crochet bandanas! You should go bananas over bandanas! Especially crocheted, I know I do!

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