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The Clubhouse app: Pick or Kick?

Illustration by Isha Arora

The pandemic threw us all in a rut of monotony. We all needed a change that would make us feel better, we needed a place where we could find comfort and social interaction. The app Clubhouse is a platform where we can enjoy live interactions without the fear of having a time limit. You will find more than 10 million active users on this app, and the best thing is that we can have thousands of people in one room! I am sure this sounds interesting, and it may bring out some questions in your mind.

What kind of people use the application? What are the hot topics on the app? Can you join in too? Well, this article has all the answers you need! The Clubhouse has millions of users and can accommodate up to 5,000 people in one single room (virtually, of course. Crowded, right?). There are a myriad of rooms all discussing a wide range of topics. From personal paranormal experiences to speed networking: you'll find everything here. Recently, some well-known personalities like Atul Khatri and Prateek Kuhad have also shared their stories about paranormal encounters on the app.

Based on your interests (which you'll be asked to specify when you join the application), and the people you follow, you'll be shown recommended rooms on your feed. Cringe alert: there are also rooms like "Shoot Your Shot" or "Tinder 2.0" where people come to introduce themselves and find their partners. There are various games played in these rooms where people say whether they would like to know more about a specific person or pass. You even have rooms where stand-up comedians have sessions. For example, there are rooms like "Talks with Shinchan" where you can listen to artists who specialize in mimicking characters from shows or movies. It is amusing to listen to them cracking jokes related to the shows or movies, and interact with new people. There are some famous stand-up comedians like Leah Lamarr, Sanjay Rajoura, etc. who have live stand-up shows to keep the atmosphere light and maintain the environment of a proper comedy club as they miss the live comedy club sessions. It is like a podcast but, a live session where thousands of people come together and listen to them at once.

There are many other rooms like "The Lo-Fi room", "how to build a fan base", "Is democracy even alive in India Today?", where people discuss, debate, or even listen to songs for hours and just enjoy their time. If you ask me, it is a great opportunity for us to leave stress behind and just enjoy the moment. Still, you might think "what is the buzz around the app!" Well, the buzz is that here you can communicate or socialize with people very easily it is famous worldwide.

Even though we have various apps like Instagram WhatsApp and Twitter, etc. clubhouse app is a place where we can easily find new people and socialize. A place where we can also have jam sessions, or even discuss our opinions on movies political views, social events, or any other event that is or has taken place recently or in the past. The events or discussions are live and we cannot record them or listen to them later on. So they are live sessions which makes it even more interesting for us, as we can experience them in the present moment. So, are you ready to live in the moment? What do you think? Pick or Kick?

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1 Comment

Smriti Misra
Smriti Misra
Jul 02, 2021

This is so cool!

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