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Knock Knock! A New Launch is Here!

Or is it just a sucky knock-knock joke? Let's find out!

Art has progressed beyond the conventional canvas and paper, new artists are experimenting with new techniques and mediums, which is propelling the industry's new trends. A work of art that presents a new perspective is always appealing. A work of art that presents a comparable concept in an entirely different form, on the other hand, can utterly blow a viewer's mind.

With that thought, not so long ago...6 budding artists came along, each with their unique, quirky ideas, and not to forget their interesting color palette combinations, and decided to immortalize their art in the form of charms!

Charmin has actively collaborated with student artists to launch the new charms collection and support budding illustrators through the same. The upcoming collection will include a total of 11 new charms by 6 different artists! How cool is that? However, we won’t be revealing the designs just yet sssh.

Before we dive into the world of charms, let us get to know the illustrators a bit more closely as well as the inspiration behind their charms. Shall we?

Did someone mention Yayoi Kusama? The Japanese artist studied Nihonga which is a formal, traditional Japanese painting style that originated during the Meiji period. Arterwaund, our first fellow Artist is greatly inspired by this style of art. She is your friendly neighborhood artist. We might think we know her but interestingly enough, she is a product designer by day and artist by night.

Most of the designs for the charms are based on the artist’s different moods and her interesting choice of art styles and color palettes. The artist’s journey has been so far in her own words “Hell of a ride (´・ω・`) so far so good. I am glad I get to showcase my work to others. It pushes me further to keep on making art when people appreciate my work”.

Doodling at the back of a Maths notebook to painting in order to take a break from the rigorous routine, our next fellow artist has put a more personal touch to both the charms that she has designed. Abiraami Rakshana, is a 3rd-year product and experience design student from Srishti School of Design, Bangalore. She also works as a freelance illustrator on the side. Illustrating and drawing is something that she could never give up! Small budding illustrators and artist on both Instagram and Youtube are what inspires her work of art, with a slice of anime and music artists on the side. For both the Charms, Abiraami wanted to design something that would excite people like the idea of a little frog sipping boba or an illustration of a game boy, which takes her back to the days when she fought with her brother over one when they were kids. To summarize, “Over the past year, people have told me they really like the colors I use and some of them have told me that looking at it makes them happy. This means a lot to me and this is what I want to continue doing and this is exactly what I want my charms to do too!”

Our next artist has put a hint of the menu to Charmin’s existing collection! Anoushka Seth, a former student of the Pearl Academy did her Diploma in Fashion Communication and a proposed Graphic Designer at Gartner, tried to come up with the fun illustrations of a cereal bowl and a juice box. The illustrations for the charms in her own words, “Giving the two a retro and pastel makeover with a twist seemed like a good way to go!”

Inspired by legends Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Iris Van Herpen, Anjali, a 21-year-old Industrial Design Student has an active interest across various disciplines. The interest mainly ranges from the intersection of textiles, fashion, and art she is also one of the active collaborators! While designing the charms, Anjali used a combination of nostalgia mixed with color palettes from her very own illustrations with a slice of twist to it. For her the whole experience so far has been, “refreshing to develop fun and cute charms; it’s exciting to have something I designed in circulation”.

“Bright striking colours with sharp line-art is usually what I identify as my style but I do experiment a lot to refine and keep my art refreshing!” With those words, Diya Paul, a fellow artist is a Digital Media Arts Student and a freelance Illustrator based in Mumbai, India. The Taiwanese-American visual artist, James Jean, and Raman djafari, an illustrator| concept artist based in Hamburg, Germany tend to translate lines and feel into their work. This is what inspired her line of work as well. On taking a look at Charmin’s aesthetic, Diya came up with the illustrations of Triple sneakers and Buttercups inspired from the Murakami flower and a really cool motif for the same. “I feel like yellow is the color of this summer so stuck with a simple color palette referencing buttercups.”

Obsessed with Pastels, Kdramas and Kpop? Our next budding illustrator will fulfill that for you through her work of art. Isha Arora, a Communication Design student currently studying in Mumbai is one of the collaborators! She is a quirky illustrator with her active interests in editing, true crime documentaries, and as she interestingly mentions “blaming all my mistakes on the planets being retrograde”. She is inspired by the American Art Director, Jessica Walsh, Paula Scher, the American Graphic Designer, and the Korean Illustrator, Sangho Bang, which really inspired her line of work. For the charm, Isha made use of her pastel color palettes, with her quirky sketchbook doodles and actively got inspired by cute stickers as well as Pinterest! In her own words, “Through the years my family and friends have helped me positively take criticism and create a common foundation through my work by bringing together different perspectives".

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