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Does Gen-Z need the Kiss of Love?

Nandini and Monika Verma deliver the sparkle-filled spray of optimism and self-care you deserve this season

At times like these, when everything is so hard to bear, and things seem out of control; one might find the need to balance at least one part of their lives. If not the academic or the corporate, be it our own grooming. For me, having clear and healthy skin is one thing that, if goes out of hand, hell breaks loose. And quite literally. Like a knight in shining armor, Kiss of Love (Instagram: @kiss.of.love_), a sustainable clean beauty brand came to my rescue! This brand is owned by Monika and Nandini Verma, and they have curated natural beauty products that feel like a homely blend we all need ASAP! Their products do not have 2020 Parabens, Sulphates, and Mineral oils, and to top it all off they ensure cruelty-free products. Upon conversation with Nandini on how they came across the idea of the brand, she said “2020 was indeed the year of sustainability and the lockdown gave us ample time to be productive and start something of our own…we wanted to deliver the best quality products handcrafted with love and care to our customers, so we came up with the name 'Kiss of Love'.”

In life, we find ourselves at crossroads almost quite frequently, and Gen Z has proven to be quite a tough generation in terms of mentality, fashion growth, even in terms of self-love and as Nandini states, “our generation knows what's good for us and we're big on 'trends', people are now supporting slow fashion movements, homegrown brands, and wellness lifestyle because we're aware of our actions and their consequences”.

Nandini was kind enough to send products for review, and I must say that they were everything the brand stands for! The lip and cheek tint (mauve) was more than nourishing and I highly recommend it for people who have dry skin. The Rose cherry blossom mist contains Rosewater, Glycerin, and other natural oils, and undoubtedly is going to be my go-to in India’s scorching summer. Kiss of Love has a wide variety, ranging from lip balms, lip and cheek tints, hydrating sprays, and even lip glosses! The brand is currently in the process of bringing out new product launches and I for one will be waiting!

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