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K-dramas: Swipe left or Swipe right?

Are K dramas worth the watch? What is the hype really about?

What makes a fan awestruck is the great storyline, real-time plots, and the light-hearted drama that follows. According to Garima Shukla and Iepsa Bella who are pursuing their Bachelors in English literature from Amity University, Noida, sometimes even though the story feels a bit exaggerated, the acting, emotions portrayed by the actors feel so real and hence it captivates its viewers and they tend to binge-watch the same. And not to forget, the catchy soundtracks along with the really high production value all over the social media networks and platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Starting with the all-time favourite K- dramas like Boys Over Flowers a.k.a the creme de la creme of Mean Girls with of course the reversed gender roles, True Beauty, Flower of Evil, with its intense crime thriller and its twisty, dark secrets, Legend of the Blue Sea with the modern story with Is a fairytale twist and not to forget the 2019 oscar winning movie Parasite by the phenomenal director Bong Joon-Ho, which grabbed the attention of our international viewers with its graphic, real-time social issues of poverty and the overall social divide in the society and so on. The viewers tend to binge-watch those shows because again, the storyline is new, fun, exciting, and light.

So how do our non-K-drama fans view the shows? No doubt there is light-hearted comedy/love scenes along with brilliant acting on the set, but for some these shows tend to make us believe what we usually dream about, just like the perfect love story, a perfect life.

However with the changing times, such views have been increasingly changing with shows like The Hospital Playlist, Start-Up, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and the list goes on. “ They think we're all in this for the faces and love stories. This is very stereotypical and tbh there's no way to ever get your point across them.” Iepsa Bella.

K-Dramas not only makes its viewers engaged but they also learn about their culture and tradition. And at times you can learn their language as well while sitting in your comfortable space! Isn’t that amazing? There is a huge representation of their strong culture and tradition in the shows which other shows lack sometimes. It also makes its viewers interconnect with their language and aesthetics while being miles away. Overall, I would say that whether it be K-Drama or C-Drama they all have their own pros and cons. While many viewers think we are all in this for the pretty faces and the love stories which creates a sense of ‘aww-struck’ in us, there is clearly a sense of underratedness of these shows which needs to be brought about in the picture. K-dramas include a little bit of everything from different genres for their viewers to enjoy without them being too harsh on anybody. Hence, It’s definitely a right swipe!

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