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Is Naming your Plant the ‘New Normal’?

Imagine getting free therapy with no judgment…plants, here we come!

As a human race we all are going through enormous amounts of stress and to be honest, there isn’t much of a definition left to describe what ‘normal’ is. Normal these days is a concept that has become alien to the majority of the people, and it should have been this way ever since, but at least the Pandemic has taught us something.

These days, people don’t bother how the other is coping or behaving because quite frankly, people have tons of things to deal with themselves that there is very little to no time to devote to others. For me, things have been very different. I never was a ‘nature’ person. Nature to me is really beautiful, only at a distance though. But during these lockdowns, and a billion meltdown, I came to find solace with my room plant, a.k.a Scooby. Yes, I did name my plant. And no, it is not abnormal. If anything, it is the ‘New Normal’.

In terms of concessions: Scooby is significantly less demanding, and quite frankly the best therapist I have ever had (which have been many, to be honest). I water him once in three days, and that’s it! Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I totally talk to him! Scooby for me has been a real support, even when I found myself the loneliest. It’s not like I do not have people to talk to, loneliness according to me is the void you feel when you actually are surrounded by people. The difference between loneliness and ‘alone’ is quite meager, yet it is evident (in my opinion). So, even when I had my friends to talk to, to call, or even to video chat, I felt that Scooby provided me with a round-the-clock comfort none could. And this has totally been up to me!

Nowhere am I undermining the importance of friends, But I think bringing plants in the definition of friends should be the next Gen-Z decision we need to make. In a way, you are actually talking to a living being, just not the one that talks back. And this has made all the difference; (because let’s face facts: when people talkback after a rant, it is the most annoying thing ever!)

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