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Are the Gilmore Girls the epitome of Polarity?

It's a great show, but let's not use our brains

When we think of Gilmore Girls, we automatically think of Lorelai, and Rory and the quirkiness they provided to the show. We cannot seem to get enough of Lorelai’s extremely detailed and at times off-point monologues. Needless to say, Rory and her life that was depicted contradicted on so many levels that even Satan would find it hard to reach. But then again, this is a show that has our hearts, and best to say, “let’s not get our brains involved”.

Re-watching the show has brought out various aspects of the mother-daughter duo that just don’t seem to make sense and one is left to wonder, “what exactly went on in Sherman-Palladino’s mind?” Let us look at Lorelai first, since she does happen to be the primary character. There are many things, and not just some, wrong with Lorelai.

Pointless Feuds

We can all agree that Lorelai’s relationship with her parents is beyond normal. Yes, we understand where she comes from, her need to live her life the way she wants, but it is hard to see that she truly is ungrateful for her parents, no matter how nosy they may be. The other side of the coin, however, is also valid. Emily and Richard too leave no stone unturned to make Lorelai’s life a living hell, and completely disregard her feelings over certain matters. For instance, buying Rory a car, was a tad too much (on top of other extravagant things they did for her).

Hot and Cold Lorelai

She seemed to constantly switch out of relationships (which in itself were toxic) which is almost unrealistic considering that in reality, people do take time to move forwards. Commitment to Lorelai was indeed an issue, and when it wasn’t the other person couldn’t comply. Max Medina is such an example. Even though everything about their relationship was toxic, Lorelai managed to push him away and run away. It is contradictory even, that Lorelai seems to want a settled stable life, yet ‘cannot manage to handle it.

Coming to Rory,

Invisible Money is a Thing

One thing everyone must have asked is, how does she afford her standard of living? It is impossible in reality for a freelancer to earn as much as she would with her living choices. The gas alone would eat up half her bill if she commuted in today’s time as she did when she was having an affair with Dean, while he was married.

Rory: the new Ava Gardner

Talking about Dean, Rory completely gave her righteousness when she had an affair with the married Dean. It is said that history repeats itself, and surely it did with Rory, just not with Dean, but with Logan, in A Year in The Life, who himself had a fiancé!

The infidelity:

Both committed cannot be unseen, as both depicted multiple affairs (although not at the same time, thankfully), totally ignoring the feeling of the then insignificant other. Paul and Luke were both presumably extremely hurt when both the females took not a second thought before jumping on the stick with another man, even if it was their ex-husband, and first-love respectively.

These do not even cover a quarter of the things that are wrong with the show, and the list can be infinite, but I guess we all can agree that the series is a source of pleasure (be it guilty) for a lot of us. It sure is for me!

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