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It doesn't get better than this!

Are you big on dips, sauces and condiments? Saucy Apron's got your back.

It is an exclusive brand of Gourmet Home-Made condiments ranging from Mediterranean to Mexican and Asian Dips and Sauces, owned by Aishwarya Tandon & Anuradha Tandon. Saucy Apron is a home-grown brand, which uses no added preservatives making its products 100% organic. The condiments are so versatile that they can be paired with almost anything. Aishwarya was kind enough to send me the Jalapeño Hummus & Original Chilli Oil and oh boy, I literally had chilli oil over pizza, and it was one of the best food combinations I've ever tried!

The pandemic has been challenging for all of us, we have all developed new interests and hobbies. Cooking has been on the top of this list for a lot of people. Upon conversation with Aishwarya (24, Delhi), she talks about how a special guest staying at her house was the first person to encourage her for starting this business. "She was so enthusiastic about my recipes that it made me try new ones every day. It was at that point, I decided to share my recipes with the entire world", she mentioned. It's true after all, the ideas others spark in us are more than we can spark in ourselves.

Further, Aishwarya spoke about how an apron is not just something you throw on for show.

It is something that gives you comfort in uncertain times, last year is witness to this fact. "At ‘Saucy Apron’, we aim at inviting people to challenge their palettes by asking them to try our condiments which are prepared with not just utmost love, but with a dream that every customer not only consumes our dip and also throws on an apron, preparing a dish that exudes comfort & creativity at the same time," she added.

This brand holds true family spirit at heart, Aishwarya and her mother Anuradha Tandon both handle the work together. "The journey hasn't been very smooth as it started in a pandemic but the response has been really positive till now and it's encouraged me to get better each day and eventually expand into a cloud kitchen," says Aishwarya. Now, Saucy Apron is based in Delhi and the products are freshly made and can only be shipped in Delhi NCR. However, some of the products can be refrigerated and stored for up to 2 months and will be soon shipped all over India. Saucy Apron offers a wide variety of products ranging from Jalapeño Hummus, Hot Mexican Salsa, Hot Mango Salsa & Original Chilli Oil. New recipes are always at work at Saucy Apron. So, stay tuned for more @saucy.apron.

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